Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tools of the Alpha II

It's about time I introduced something beyond C&F. As I mentioned, C&F is the most important, versatile and common tool for establishing attraction and demonstrating dominance. You can get along well enough with just C&F. However there are some concepts almost equally important. This is about the frame.

Whenever you meet with a girl, your relationship can be viewed as something that starts off fresh right then and there. In this post I wrote about how attraction is fragile and has to be built anew every time you meet your woman.
That means your relationship developes in episodes. It is very important to maintain dominant behaviour through maintaining a frame throughout each of these episodes, especially if you meet a girl for the first time. A frame is like a mindset, an attitude, a way you present yourself or a distinct flavor of your personality. Your frame is the prevalent image of you present in her mind.

You take your girl out to a walk, and don't bring a jacket even though it's breezy outside. It's brought up, and you tell her you don't get cold that easily. She repeatedly expresses concern for your wellbeing as it gets windy and cool. Your frame however is I don't get cold, so you laugh it off, even though you may already feel uncomfortably cold.

Another example. You are in a group of people and have built up reasonable attraction with one of the females. She studies politics, and for the whole evening you could throw C&F at her involving you not giving a damn at the political situation in some specific foreign country. That became your frame. Someone in the group later tries to start a conversation about exactly that country. Your girl starts to avidly take part in the conversation. This is an obvious example of a shit test - a test aimed to attack your dominance, in this case aimed at your frame. I will tell you a lot about shit tests later. The right choice here is to ignore it, turn away from the conversation, deprive it from your valuable contribution. Talk about something else, if necessary to someone else.

Keeping your frame is a very strong statement. Women are helplessly attracted to men whom they can't easily change, i.e. men who have shit-test-proof frames. Males with a bullet-proof frame show that they are consistent, which is an attribute of a strong personality and high self-esteem.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Now according to statistics, partners are most likely to be somewhat similar in attractivity. That means if you don't look like a model, you will never get a model. Right? No, the alpha can be the exception to the rule.

It does abslutely not matter how you look, however it does matter what you make out of yourself.
I remember being a teen and having the blues for weeks because I would never look like some guy who I  deemed very attractive. It doesn't matter.
The only thing that matters is that you work on yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror. You could sure use a haircut, don't you? Go ahead. Try a new style. Buy clothes, don't be afraid to spend more than you are used to on a particular piece. This will be one of your special garments which are fun to wear and show off. You don't like being a bit overweight, so go to the gym. An alpha has clear goals and is very sincere about achieving them. Then go ahead and show off your achievements!

When making new contacts, it is easier to open up to others if you have a little nonstandard, eccentric touch to your style. A crazy, ugly necktie, a yellow shirt, a bald head, an interesting necklace, things like that do the trick.

An alpha can be cocky about his looks, which may seem self-opinionated, but so what. The way your looks are perceived is only to a small content how you actually look, but the way bigger part is how you present yourself, and the alpha knows that. He is not afraid to occupy himself with his body, and also show that. In conversation, he won't be afraid to talk about features of his body. The fact that he cares about his looks and his body is what makes him sexy, no matter how he looks.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Calling and texting

So you got a girl's number after a fiery conversation in a bar. She fell for you, and it seems you just have to text her "Hi I liked it yesterday wanna come over tonight?" to continue where you left off. Wrong. She even told you in a convincing manner that you just had to text her when you were in the mood for meeting her again? It doesn't matter anymore.

First off, women are fickle.

You can have her attracted to you, her eyes might throw out sparks of desire for you one time you meet, but this attraction is very temprary. It will be gone the next day. Even if you spent the night together, she won't just be your toy for the rest of her life. Attraction is something that goes as fast as it comes. It's a very emotional and instinctive response of females to dominant behaviour, not something rational like the desire to find a job, for example. Therefore it is very shortlived.

Then, it is very hard to establish attraction through texting. That is because unless a woman has a very highly evolved literary perception, reading a text is not emotional, not sensual enough. You need to gesture, to make body contact, let her feel the emotion in your voice, look her in the eyes.

So forget texting. Calling her is the only way to establish attraction when not in personal contact. Go ahead and laugh into the phone, don't mention any of the things that happened between you, and tell her a story. Don't give her reasons why you called, dont be rational. Be emotional. Maybe tell her something interesting that you will do or did. Here is an example.

Max is a photographer (or told her he is), during their last encounter she told him how much she loved a certain city, let's say D-Town. He calls her.


-(laughs) Hey is this Anna?

-Heey, Max? I never thought I'd hear from you again.. How have you been?

-I'm having a lot of fun right now, we are going to D-Town..

-(cuts off) Wow really? I love that city so much, why didn't you call earlier? We could've gone together (laughs)

-This is a business trip, actually. I am doing a shooting for a local fashion line... I got to know the models already and my god are they sweet. Pretty excited to be there!

Let's look at what happened in this call so far. Max dragged Anna into an emotion-centered conversation right from the start. He showed her he has value, his social proof (I will explain this soon) by showing he has a great time at his interesting job, the sex models were just to top it off. He didn't ask things like "I hope I don't call at a bad time?", "Can you talk right now?" or "What are you doing?". Of course, he isn't interested in that at all.

Also Max avoided referring to previous encounters with Anna, and also, he won't ask for a date right away. Anna will feel that Max let her into his life just a little bit, and she had a geat time. She will feel like something is missing, or incomplete between them and will want to meet him again.

The next day, Max will call her again, and arrange a date.

Monday, October 22, 2012

C&F and Lies

Lying. It's not necessarily a tool of the alpha, and all I want to say is, dont be afraid of it. We already talked about morality, and how alphas don't need it. Of course you can tell lies. It can be so much fun.

I was to a big prom with a few friends, and I ended up with one of my friends and two girls. Until today, they believe that we both are private investigators, at least one of us is in film business, but also professional poker players, to name one of the few things we told them.

The amount of fun we had is ridiculous. Did they know it was fake? Who cares! What of importance did I learn there? It does not in the slightest bit matter what you tell your acquaintances, who are they to have the right to know any details about you? Remember, you don't have to marry that girl from the club. On the contrary, telling the same true things about yourself can be boring and result in a worn-out routine conversation. Have fun, invent crazy stories, tell them with enthusiasm, be whoever you want to be, a photographer, a massager, a pilot, a drug dealer, hell, tell her you are an astronaut.

The point here is that, to create attraction, it's important to have an exciting, enthusiastic, emotional conversation. C&F is the key, but also there is no need to stick to the truth.

C&F vs Rapport

C&F (cocky and funny) is so important that I decided to spend a bit more time writing about it.

We could say that C&F has a nice twin, a tame one so to speak. His name is Rapport. While talking to a woman, you engage in Rapport when you two talk in a sincere manner, when you tell her details about your life, your job, your past, when you get to know each other. I will tell you much about the purpose and function of Rapport later, the only thing I will tell you about it now is: Stop doing it.

Rapport does not create attraction, but that's exactly what we want. Here's an example that will tell you the difference between C&F and rapport.

You are at a bar, knocking back a few cool ones with an old friend of yours. Later on, his girlfriend comes to join you, and with her she has a gorgeous friend of hers. You are acquainted to them both, and while your friend talks to his girl, you are left with this delicate beautiful thing.

Naturally, you will talk to her and she seems attracted to you. But here is when it goes wrong.

She asks you what you do for a living, and you tell her. Then you explain her in detail why your job is important to society, you tell her what you like about your boss, which part of town your workplace is. That's Rapport. She gets increasingly bored, the attraction wavers, the conversation loses all of its excitement. She identifies you as beta.

Instead, give her C&F! Here's what it could look like.

You are asked what you do for a living, but you shake it off with a laugh; you say something along the lines of "Hey, I was told Hannah over here would bring someone to have fun with, not someone who wanted to write a biography about me", or "I paid my taxes, you can prove nothing!" She will instinctively make this a recurring topic for the whole evening - it will be a game of manipulating and controlling you to make you tell her the truth, and you will have your fun with her. You are alpha. You are not bound by any law of manners to give this girl what she wants. Women appreciate this.

Notice also that just like this, alpha males have the ability to have an exciting conversation over almost nothing. Your woman will react to this dominant behaviour by laughing, by wanting to be close to you, smile at you seductively, by playing around with her hair, by opening up her posture. She will just enjoy herself. Later on we will learn that you must reward that kind of behaviour with Rapport. Finally you tell her the truth about your job. Tell her all the things about your boss, your workplace like before, and suddenly it will all be interesting and exciting to her.

Tools of the Alpha

I will take some time and posts to describe the tools of the alpha. These so called tools are communication techniques which create attraction, that is, which make a man sexy and desirable for women, and all of them are aiming to show dominant behaviour. To start off though, let us take a look at the most important tool. you can know and do this, and nothing else, and create very much attraction towards you already. I'm talking about C&F. That is the religion of the alpha. His lifestyle. His philosophy.
C&F means cocky and funny, so it is quite self-explanatory. Here's a quick example. You are about to meet up with a girl. She comes up to you at the meeting point right on time, but with a tense and stressed out face, her hair looks as if she had just gotten out of bed. As she sees you, her face doesn't considerably cheer up, she manages however to give you a weak smile and greet you with an uptight "Hi".
The beta and alpha will both immediately notice the unpleasant aura that surrounds their date. Here is what both of them would do.

The beta will maybe try to be cheerful, overlook the negative energy that is brought towards him and, without addressing the situation, try to somehow make up for the bad mood of his date.
Either that or he will cautiously ask "Is something wrong?", totally letting her suck him into her black hole of stress. It will be awkward from here on out.

The alpha however will jokingly say something like "Oh my god, what is the matter with your hair... Couldn't you take the time for that? You know, the homeless shelter right around the corner offers hygienic articles for those in need...", or "Hey, could you help me miss? I was to meet a woman here who looked similar to you, except she was well kempt and had a beautiful smile on". Women love things like that. Why? It shows them that they can't manipulate you or control you, that you have a strong attitude. Moreover C&F lowers the value of a woman relatively to yours, which immediately makes you attractive to them.

Don't get me wrong here, C&F is not about insulting a woman. Also not about hurting them. It is meant to playfully establish dominance in your interactions. Woman just want to be dominated in that sense.  She will be amused by that, playfully poke you in revenge, seek contact to your body. Give her C&F and she will blossom into a lively, exciting, sexy, fun person. C&F is like the fuel of an interaction between man and woman.

C&F is the most important part in seducting a woman. So, how to C&F? If you understand what C&F is, then all there is left is practise. It may take a long time and overcoming your inhibitions is not easy, but go out and try it. You will end up having more fun than you would think.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Why do women fall for alpha men?

This will be a brief one, I want to quickly explain why women are attracted by alphas that much. Some say that ancient instincts guide us through our social interactions. I believe so too. Deeply down, we are guided by instincts, and are just the animals that we were when we first started picking up sticks and bashing each others heads with them.
Back then, females sought to mate with alphas because of their social and hierarchical justification. It was for their own benefit to be with strong, accomplished males. Today, this value is not necessarily determined by how many Mammutha Primigeniae we killed during hunt, but still, women do assess your value (be it consciously or not), and they are very good at that. Later on I will introduce you to the ideas of social proof, C&F, frames, all techniques that alphas employ (be it consciously or not) and which women find irresistable.

So we know why women want to be with alphas. It's to note however that women will know, and that is another key characteristic of alphas, they can have any woman at any time. So they will by instinct try to work against that, to keep their valuable partner for themselves, to manipulate him into doing what she wants. Long story short, women will try to attract alpha males and then, turn them into betas. However, the strange thing here is, as soon as they establish that, they will lose interest. It is very important to see the truth in this if you want to understand how women work, and how relationships work. To manipulate us, women have developed subtle psychological games, which I will introduce later on as well. The task of the alpha male is to stay alpha and to be free of any manipulation.