Friday, October 19, 2012

A massage story

To illustrate the ideas that I described earlier, let me tell you a story.

Hans was to a DJline in a well known, infamous club with two good friends of his, whom he hadn't seen for a long time. It happened that there was a disgustingly long queue before the entrance, but they didn't know any of the security guys and Hans' pals wanted to see the concert, so they put up with it. Before long two girls, lets call them the cute one and the other one, joined them to dodge some of the queue. They didn't know the girls before. Hans doesn't like that kind of behaviour, so his emotions overtook him and he didn't act the friendliest towards the girls. His friends however tried to be polite and engaged in some smalltalk. The cute one of the girls then disappeared to get some beverages for her and her friend. It was when she returned that Hans noticed how attractive she actually was (fit body, nice tan, beautiful face, etc etc). As his guys already talked them into their group, he decided to run with it. He teased them a bit about how they didn't have any manners barging in like that, about how the cute one didn't get him any drinks and the like. Suddenly the girls seemed to enjoy themselves, rather than having just a little smalltalk.

It was obvious that the cute one had a thing for Hans. At some point they wanted to know what the guys were studying or doing. Preoccupied with doing what they are told, Hans' friends well-behavedly told them everything they wanted to know, down to facts like the semester they were in. Hans however just ran with the first idea that came to mind and told them he was a massager (he actually studied engineering). The cute one of the girls liked that, and mentioned she had a very tense neck and back. Maybe Hans could massage her a bit, she requested? Hans showed disinterest and told her that he was not at work. Later, still in the queue, after several more requests to be massaged, Hans agreed, leaning against the wall, he just wordlessly signalized her to come over, which she gladly did. He proceeded to give her the most sensual neck and back massage he could, while she sighed silently to show her pleasure.

What happened here? Why did Hans end up having dry sex with a sexy girl while his friends had smalltalk? It is because Hans wanted excitement, and acted like it. But not only that, I will tell you more about the details of what happened here later.

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