Sunday, October 21, 2012

Why do women fall for alpha men?

This will be a brief one, I want to quickly explain why women are attracted by alphas that much. Some say that ancient instincts guide us through our social interactions. I believe so too. Deeply down, we are guided by instincts, and are just the animals that we were when we first started picking up sticks and bashing each others heads with them.
Back then, females sought to mate with alphas because of their social and hierarchical justification. It was for their own benefit to be with strong, accomplished males. Today, this value is not necessarily determined by how many Mammutha Primigeniae we killed during hunt, but still, women do assess your value (be it consciously or not), and they are very good at that. Later on I will introduce you to the ideas of social proof, C&F, frames, all techniques that alphas employ (be it consciously or not) and which women find irresistable.

So we know why women want to be with alphas. It's to note however that women will know, and that is another key characteristic of alphas, they can have any woman at any time. So they will by instinct try to work against that, to keep their valuable partner for themselves, to manipulate him into doing what she wants. Long story short, women will try to attract alpha males and then, turn them into betas. However, the strange thing here is, as soon as they establish that, they will lose interest. It is very important to see the truth in this if you want to understand how women work, and how relationships work. To manipulate us, women have developed subtle psychological games, which I will introduce later on as well. The task of the alpha male is to stay alpha and to be free of any manipulation.

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