Monday, October 22, 2012

C&F vs Rapport

C&F (cocky and funny) is so important that I decided to spend a bit more time writing about it.

We could say that C&F has a nice twin, a tame one so to speak. His name is Rapport. While talking to a woman, you engage in Rapport when you two talk in a sincere manner, when you tell her details about your life, your job, your past, when you get to know each other. I will tell you much about the purpose and function of Rapport later, the only thing I will tell you about it now is: Stop doing it.

Rapport does not create attraction, but that's exactly what we want. Here's an example that will tell you the difference between C&F and rapport.

You are at a bar, knocking back a few cool ones with an old friend of yours. Later on, his girlfriend comes to join you, and with her she has a gorgeous friend of hers. You are acquainted to them both, and while your friend talks to his girl, you are left with this delicate beautiful thing.

Naturally, you will talk to her and she seems attracted to you. But here is when it goes wrong.

She asks you what you do for a living, and you tell her. Then you explain her in detail why your job is important to society, you tell her what you like about your boss, which part of town your workplace is. That's Rapport. She gets increasingly bored, the attraction wavers, the conversation loses all of its excitement. She identifies you as beta.

Instead, give her C&F! Here's what it could look like.

You are asked what you do for a living, but you shake it off with a laugh; you say something along the lines of "Hey, I was told Hannah over here would bring someone to have fun with, not someone who wanted to write a biography about me", or "I paid my taxes, you can prove nothing!" She will instinctively make this a recurring topic for the whole evening - it will be a game of manipulating and controlling you to make you tell her the truth, and you will have your fun with her. You are alpha. You are not bound by any law of manners to give this girl what she wants. Women appreciate this.

Notice also that just like this, alpha males have the ability to have an exciting conversation over almost nothing. Your woman will react to this dominant behaviour by laughing, by wanting to be close to you, smile at you seductively, by playing around with her hair, by opening up her posture. She will just enjoy herself. Later on we will learn that you must reward that kind of behaviour with Rapport. Finally you tell her the truth about your job. Tell her all the things about your boss, your workplace like before, and suddenly it will all be interesting and exciting to her.

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