Monday, October 22, 2012

C&F and Lies

Lying. It's not necessarily a tool of the alpha, and all I want to say is, dont be afraid of it. We already talked about morality, and how alphas don't need it. Of course you can tell lies. It can be so much fun.

I was to a big prom with a few friends, and I ended up with one of my friends and two girls. Until today, they believe that we both are private investigators, at least one of us is in film business, but also professional poker players, to name one of the few things we told them.

The amount of fun we had is ridiculous. Did they know it was fake? Who cares! What of importance did I learn there? It does not in the slightest bit matter what you tell your acquaintances, who are they to have the right to know any details about you? Remember, you don't have to marry that girl from the club. On the contrary, telling the same true things about yourself can be boring and result in a worn-out routine conversation. Have fun, invent crazy stories, tell them with enthusiasm, be whoever you want to be, a photographer, a massager, a pilot, a drug dealer, hell, tell her you are an astronaut.

The point here is that, to create attraction, it's important to have an exciting, enthusiastic, emotional conversation. C&F is the key, but also there is no need to stick to the truth.

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