Monday, October 22, 2012

Tools of the Alpha

I will take some time and posts to describe the tools of the alpha. These so called tools are communication techniques which create attraction, that is, which make a man sexy and desirable for women, and all of them are aiming to show dominant behaviour. To start off though, let us take a look at the most important tool. you can know and do this, and nothing else, and create very much attraction towards you already. I'm talking about C&F. That is the religion of the alpha. His lifestyle. His philosophy.
C&F means cocky and funny, so it is quite self-explanatory. Here's a quick example. You are about to meet up with a girl. She comes up to you at the meeting point right on time, but with a tense and stressed out face, her hair looks as if she had just gotten out of bed. As she sees you, her face doesn't considerably cheer up, she manages however to give you a weak smile and greet you with an uptight "Hi".
The beta and alpha will both immediately notice the unpleasant aura that surrounds their date. Here is what both of them would do.

The beta will maybe try to be cheerful, overlook the negative energy that is brought towards him and, without addressing the situation, try to somehow make up for the bad mood of his date.
Either that or he will cautiously ask "Is something wrong?", totally letting her suck him into her black hole of stress. It will be awkward from here on out.

The alpha however will jokingly say something like "Oh my god, what is the matter with your hair... Couldn't you take the time for that? You know, the homeless shelter right around the corner offers hygienic articles for those in need...", or "Hey, could you help me miss? I was to meet a woman here who looked similar to you, except she was well kempt and had a beautiful smile on". Women love things like that. Why? It shows them that they can't manipulate you or control you, that you have a strong attitude. Moreover C&F lowers the value of a woman relatively to yours, which immediately makes you attractive to them.

Don't get me wrong here, C&F is not about insulting a woman. Also not about hurting them. It is meant to playfully establish dominance in your interactions. Woman just want to be dominated in that sense.  She will be amused by that, playfully poke you in revenge, seek contact to your body. Give her C&F and she will blossom into a lively, exciting, sexy, fun person. C&F is like the fuel of an interaction between man and woman.

C&F is the most important part in seducting a woman. So, how to C&F? If you understand what C&F is, then all there is left is practise. It may take a long time and overcoming your inhibitions is not easy, but go out and try it. You will end up having more fun than you would think.

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