Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Calling and texting

So you got a girl's number after a fiery conversation in a bar. She fell for you, and it seems you just have to text her "Hi I liked it yesterday wanna come over tonight?" to continue where you left off. Wrong. She even told you in a convincing manner that you just had to text her when you were in the mood for meeting her again? It doesn't matter anymore.

First off, women are fickle.

You can have her attracted to you, her eyes might throw out sparks of desire for you one time you meet, but this attraction is very temprary. It will be gone the next day. Even if you spent the night together, she won't just be your toy for the rest of her life. Attraction is something that goes as fast as it comes. It's a very emotional and instinctive response of females to dominant behaviour, not something rational like the desire to find a job, for example. Therefore it is very shortlived.

Then, it is very hard to establish attraction through texting. That is because unless a woman has a very highly evolved literary perception, reading a text is not emotional, not sensual enough. You need to gesture, to make body contact, let her feel the emotion in your voice, look her in the eyes.

So forget texting. Calling her is the only way to establish attraction when not in personal contact. Go ahead and laugh into the phone, don't mention any of the things that happened between you, and tell her a story. Don't give her reasons why you called, dont be rational. Be emotional. Maybe tell her something interesting that you will do or did. Here is an example.

Max is a photographer (or told her he is), during their last encounter she told him how much she loved a certain city, let's say D-Town. He calls her.


-(laughs) Hey is this Anna?

-Heey, Max? I never thought I'd hear from you again.. How have you been?

-I'm having a lot of fun right now, we are going to D-Town..

-(cuts off) Wow really? I love that city so much, why didn't you call earlier? We could've gone together (laughs)

-This is a business trip, actually. I am doing a shooting for a local fashion line... I got to know the models already and my god are they sweet. Pretty excited to be there!

Let's look at what happened in this call so far. Max dragged Anna into an emotion-centered conversation right from the start. He showed her he has value, his social proof (I will explain this soon) by showing he has a great time at his interesting job, the sex models were just to top it off. He didn't ask things like "I hope I don't call at a bad time?", "Can you talk right now?" or "What are you doing?". Of course, he isn't interested in that at all.

Also Max avoided referring to previous encounters with Anna, and also, he won't ask for a date right away. Anna will feel that Max let her into his life just a little bit, and she had a geat time. She will feel like something is missing, or incomplete between them and will want to meet him again.

The next day, Max will call her again, and arrange a date.

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